Sign Software

All of our signs come with free sign programming software and updates. The software can be downloaded via the links directly below. Also found on this page is the software manual and a link to tutorial videos outlining how to program your sign.

Software Download


<--- Click link to download EyeTv.

The software used to program most of our current signs is EyeTv. This software is fairly easy to use and allows users to fully customize their sign content.

If you are connecting to your sign wirelessly (via bluetooth reciever) you will need to download this driver in order to do so. Tutorials on how to download this driver can be found below.

<--- If you're connecting to your sign wirelessly you will need to download this as well.

Software Support


This link contains a pdf file format version of the Eyetv manual. It outlines the features of Eyetv. Click to download.


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