Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is an LED sign?

An LED sign is composed of multiple modules that are made up of thousands of tiny lights called LED’s (light emitting diodes).  The light clusters work together to shine in a way that looks like an image to the human eye.

What sizes are offered for LED signs?

Our signs are custom built to suit our customer's needs. That being said, we can build approximately any size of LED requested. Need a billboard? Small indoor sign? We offer all the above!

What are LED signs capable of?

LED's can display text, graphics, movies, animations and much more!

What colors can the LED signs display?

The LED displays offer full color (which display any color in the color spectrum, as well as movies, animations, and vibrant graphics), two-color (displays bi-color images, animations, and text), or single color (displays single color images and text). 


Are there different qualities of LED signs?

The quality of each LED board depends upon the LED module pitch. Each module differs in size which produces the images. The closer the LED clusters are together, the more high-definition picture if you are viewing the sign at a short distance. The pitch is a measurement of how closely the LED bulbs are placed next to each other, so a lower pitch (bulbs spaced further apart) might be more appropriate if the sign is intended to be viewed at a distance.

Approximately how much will an LED sign cost me?

To ensure great quality, each sign of ours is custom made. The price depends upon the size that is requested. Please don't hesitate to contact us for pricing!

How much electricity will an LED sign use?

The power output depends on the size and type (full color, single color, or two color) of the sign. For example, a single line red color sign would use approximately 230 amps. 

What are the electrical requirements for owning an LED sign.

Most signs can be run on 110/ 15 Volts. Our company will specify the voltage and requirements for each individual sign prior to purchase.

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Already purchased a sign?

My sign has been damaged, Help!!

Just call us, and we'll work something out! Most of the signs we sell are under a 5 year parts warranty.

I am having trouble programming my sign. Help!

We have set up Eyetv tutorials in an attempt to help our customers learn the process quickly. If you still have questions, our customer service departement would be glad to help you with this issue. Please email or call us if you are having any trouble. 

Images I have uploaded to display on my sign look pixelated.

Try lowering the resolution of the image or resizing the image to a smaller size. If the problem still persists, please contact our customer service department by e-mailing or calling. 

What are local regulations and laws that restrict sign content?

The regulations of LED signs vary by city. We strive to get you your ideal sign while also following all city zoning rules and regulations. For more information please contact your local city government.

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Technical Problems

I'm using a bluetooth connection to connect wirelessly to my sign, but my computer is not recognizing it.

First off, make sure your bluetooth usb receiver is indeed plugged in, and that the on/off switch is in the on position. Secondly, you need to have the bluetooth driver correctly installed onto the computer that you're planning on connecting to the sign with. A tutorial outlining how to do this can be found on our tutorial page.

How do I go about getting awesome graphics and movies (content) to put on my sign?

To create original content, it takes somebody with a little bit of artistic skill, and the software required to create graphics or movies. Good news is that there are many free (and paid) resources available all over the web to suit your needs.

Eyetv isn't working on my awesome new Apple Laptop/ Desktop, what's wrong?

Sorry! Eyetv is only supported by Windows OS, so you'll have to take out that dusty old laptop with Windows XP on it.

The content that I have created isn't fitting very well on my sign.

If the images that you're working with are not made at the correct dimensions, you will probably have a difficult time in making good looking content. For a full guide on how to make images that will fit your sign, please visit our tutorial page.

A square portion of the lights on my sign appear to be out, what's wrong?

It's possible that some of the wires connecting your sign modules together might have come undone. In the event that your sign isn't functioning correctly, please contact us so that we can do our best to troubleshoot your problem.

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